Work In Progress / 30 September 2018

I Would Love Some Feedback -WIP

First, I just want to say that I didn't let the render finish as I was merely testing, and enough of it rendered to see what I needed to see.

I did the texturing in Substance Painter, and the rendering in Maya with Arnold.

I would love some advice on how to get more realistic looking skin. I have watched so many tuts, but I have yet to be happy with any of my skin results thus far. To me, my skin always looks a little like plastic or rubber. I can't figure out what it is I need to fix. So many countless hours I've spent tweaking parameters in the Arnold shaders or repeatedly making adjustments to texture maps and re-exporting them.

My model is in centimeters, and I think he is about 175 cm tall.
I have my SubDiv set to CatClark at 5 iterations
I'm using my BaseColor map for my SSSColor, with a SingleScatter map that is at about 90% scatter for everything but the ears and nose which are at around 98%. I have my radius at (1, 0.35, 0.2). My SSS Scale is at 0.12.

I feel like my work is getting better, but I also feel like I'm missing something when it comes to skin. I would really love some tips or advice.