Hand-cranked Turntable For Photogrammetry

This is a major redesign of another users work from thingiverse. The original design had the rotating "bearings" functionality all print in place. This caused many issues. For one the clearance was too small for many printers and thus would often prints with the bearings fused to the housing. Thus making the part unusable, and needing to be reprinted. Now the housing is printed as two separate pieces and only needs a few additional screws or glue to be held together.
Another part of the original that caused major issues. Were the legs. The original had all the legs printed together and interconnected. While this added stability if the printer was off slightly where the legs connected to the rest of the turntable it would wrack the housing for the bearings making difficult or impossible to turn the table. I beefed up the frame slightly and made it so each legs is independent of the rest so this could not happen anymore. The table did not lose any noticeable stability.
The next part I redesigned was the hand-crank and gear. Originally this was one piece that was difficult to print in that it needed supports to be printed. Many times the supports were very difficult to remove being that the part itself is small. With my redesign the gear and hand-crank are 2 separate pieces that interlock together and can be printed without any supports. Although the handle prints a little flat on one side, no functionality is lost.
The last revision I made was the addition of 3D printable washers, and the use of screws in several places. This helped to add stability to the overall design and minimal additional cost.

You can download and print your own https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5367253