Kargo Master 3D Vehicle And Ladder Rack Renders

Josh mccann 2018nissantitan 80000rack blackened side

Kargo Master Truck Ladder Rack Catalog Cover

Josh mccann 1978fordf150 new
Josh mccann 1978fordf150 rusty

Kargo Master Ladder Rack Will Outlast Your Truck

Josh mccann ford f150 raptor supercrewcab2
Josh mccann 2017 dodgeram 1500 crewcab
Josh mccann chevy silverado 1500 crewcab
Josh mccann dodgeram promaster 4a933 4a813rack

For this project Kargo Master provided me with a 3D file of the vehicle in either Maya Binary or FBX, along with the Solid Works CAD file of their ladder rack. I would then convert the Solid Works assembly files into something I could import into Maya. At this point I would organize the truck parts according to the material type I would need to use and adjust the scale of the truck to match the ladder rack. Next I would need to organize the ladder rack into it's adjustable parts group in order to fit it to the vehicle.

For the rusted out 1978 Ford F-150 there was a good amount of extra work needed to be done. The 3D vehicles Kargo Master provided me with were not UV'd, and while I could have created a procedural material for the rusted body I wasn't happy with the results I was getting. Therefore, I UV'd the truck and hand painted the textures in Substance Painter.