The Scenic Route (Music)

I wrote this song to be about a journey of a person or people when things don’t always smell like roses. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, and it seems like everything is a struggle. But if you persevere and keep chugging along eventually, you’ll make it to the other side. And when you get there, all the pain and struggle that you went through will have been worth it. Because the other side is glorious.

I imagine this song could work well for a short film, possibly one with no dialog. You could also chop it up into smaller sections and loop them for different parts of a game level.

Projects for which this music can be freely used.

***You must credit the composer/producer [Josh McCann] either at the beginning or at the end of the project.

  1. Personal Projects
  2. Portfolio projects
  3. Personal showreel
  4. Corporate (Internal or B2B presentations)
  5. Independent Short Films
  6. Youtube Videos
  7. Internet only ad campaigns

If you wish to use this music in the following types of projects, please contact me before you purchase.

  1. Feature Films
  2. TV
  3. TV or radio ad campaigns
  4. For profit video games

If there is something that you don’t see in either list, please contact me before purchasing.

If you are looking to have custom music created for your project please contact me so that we can discuss your project details to see if I’m a good fit for your project and vise versa.

I am a member of (ASCAP) American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers.

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