Grand Space Opera Challenge - Darlin Character - Cancelled by Cancer.

When I started this character it was going to be for the Grand Space Opera Challenge. However, a few weeks after I started this character I was diagnosed with cancer. I had surgery to remove the tumor that came with massive nerve damage that Chronic pain for the next 14 months. At the end of the 14 months I found out the cancer had returned metastasized to my lymph nodes. I immediately started chemo therapy. Miraculously, during the second week, round 1 of chemo the nerve damage pain suddenly stopped. Unfortunately, I still had 3 rounds of aggressive BEP Chemo to get through. This chemo is so brutal that you have to have a lung function test prior to starting it because it destroys your lungs. Five hours a day, five days a week, for 3 weeks is one round. Then take a week break and repeat 2 more times. It was hell. Then on nearing the end of round three with only two more treatments to go I had two giant blood clots on both sides of my aorta in the iliac arteries. (For any of you not familiar with your anatomy your iliac crest is the upper most part of your pelvis on both sides) The clots stopped the blood flow to my feet. And because I was in pain from some of the chemo meds it masked the pain I would have felt from the clots, which meant they caught it very late. Starved of oxygen for so long much of the tissue in my left foot went necrotic and turned black. It was two months before I would be able to stand again, and 7 moths before I could walk without aid. It's been 2 years since the clots, and I'm still healing. Not walking normal quite yet, but I'm slowly getting there. At least now I can get back to my 2 biggest passions (Art & Music).

I hate leaving projects unfinished. So even though I didn't take this as far as I would have for the challenge I feel like it's a finished piece. I tried to 3D print it but something was going on with my printer that failed. I'm going to run some calibration tests and try again soon.

The concept charatcer I chose was "Darlin" by Tony Sart and his profile can be found here